How to donate to Rainforest of the Austrians

You can help us buy land or plant trees in the "Biological Corridor COBIGA", or you can help us protect the Esquinas Rainforest buy purchasing a Species Protection certificate.

For trees or land:
Please send an e-mail to Rainforest of the Austrians  with the following information:

  • Amount of square meters or trees on each certificate
  • Name or names to be printed on the certificates
  • Name and postal address of recipient 

For Species Protection:
Minimum donation $20
Please send an e-mail to Rainforest of the Austrians  with the sum you wish to donate.

We will send your certificate or certificates as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that the letter will be sent from Austria and might take a while to reach its destination. A bill with bank information will be included in the letter. You have the choice of transferring the donation to our bank account in Austria or using PayPal.

Verein Regenwald der Österreicher
UniCredit-Bank Austria, Vienna
IBAN: AT35 1100 0094 1426 0100

PayPal:  paypal[at]

Thank you for your contribution to the conservation and protection of the Esquinas rainforest!

Trees Amount CO2 Price in Euro
1 700 kg 18,00
2 1,4 t 36,00
5 3,5 t 90,00
10 7,0 t 180,00
Square metres Price in Euros
25 15,00
50 30,00
75 45,00
100 60,00