Before we plant trees, we must purchase the land

Our vision is a continuous rainforest stretching from the Fila Cruces to the Pacific Coast. Before trees can be planted, land must be purchased. Help us to buy land in the Biological Corridor COBIGA. By doing so, you are helping to protect biodiversity and capture carbon from the earth's atmosphere.

From 1991 to 2014, we purchased 43 properties and donated them to the Costa Rican government.  Most of this land was already covered with forest and became protected from loggers by becoming part of Piedras Blancas National Park. A few properties consisted of pastureland and were left to natural regeneration. They are now covered with secondary growth forest.  

The reforestation of a biological corridor is different: the land must be purchased before a new rainforest can be created through reforestation. Donations for land purchase are just as important as donations for trees!   


Square metres Price in Euros
25 15,00
50 30,00
75 45,00
100 60,00

100 m2 cost 60 Euros

The price for farmland that is suitable for reforestation varies and depends on location, accessibility and last not least on negotiations with land owners.  Finca Alexis 1 in the biological corridor costed 5.000 Euro per hectare, while Finca Alexis 2 costed only 3.000 Euro due to a general decrease in prices . Two fincas in La Gamber were offered to us in February 2016, one for 6.600 Euros/ha and the other for 15.000 Euro/ha (!).  We are trying to limit the price to 6.000 Euros per hectare and have therefore specified a price of 60 cents per square metre.   


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