The Rainforest of the Austrians is a hot spot of biodiversity. Many animals live here that can be found on the "Endangered Species" lists of IUCN and CITES: jaguars, ocelots, pumas, three kinds of monkey, macawas, tapirs, rare amphibians and reptiles. Saving the forest alone is not sufficient to guarantee the survival of this unique fauna. To protect the Esquinas Forest from illegal loggers, hunters, squatters, goldminers, poachers, , fur traders and fishermen, park rangers must patrol the forest. To preserve a healthy population of certain animals, reintroduction projects are necessary.

Since 2003, our organisation has been paying between two and four annual salaries of park rangers who are employed by the national park service to protect Piedras Blancas National Park. We funded a reintroduction project for scarlet macaws until the flock was large enough to be capable of surviving on it's own.  We supported the organisations Pro Felis, Yaguará and Osa Conservation in their efforts to save the endangered wildcat population.   Altogether, we have spent more than $350,000 for species protection in the Rainforest of the Austrians.  

By purchasing a Species Protection Certificate, you are helping us to protect the fauna of the Esquinas and ensure the survival of highly endangered species. Certificates from $20 upwards can be purchased by sending an e-mail to Opens window for sending emailinfo[at]

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