Rainforest of the Austrians

Association for the Protection of Biodiversity in Southern Costa Rica

The Association Rainforest of the Austrians, founded  in 1991, is dedicated to saving the Esquinas rainforest by buying the land and donating it to the Republic of Costa Rica. Donations of more than 3 million dollars have been used to purchase properties that are then integrated into Piedras Blancas National Park. Aside from land purchase, the Austrian NGO helps protect the forest by hiring guards, has founded a Opens internal link in current windowresearch station and an Opens internal link in current windowecotourism project, and is actively involved in reforestation with the goal of creating biological corridors between isolated patches of rainforest.

Rainforest of the Austrians
Hadrawagasse 16a
A-12120 Vienna, Austria
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Phone: +43(0)1-470 19 35
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Protection of Endangered Species

You can help us protect Piedras Blancas National Park by purchasing a Species Protection Certificate.
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